Sunday, April 15, 2007

Changing Minds
The power of what is behind a choice

“I don’t get it!” retorts Joe!

“We had the best price both in cost and trade in, the unit was the most cost effective of the three competitors, yet we didn’t get the deal!”

“You mean after all the preparation and the long meetings we had on that deal they went with someone else?” Bill the sales manager exclaims.

“I thought we had worked out all the numbers to the penny and it was the best logical choice for that guy!

Did the competition give it away?”

“Oh no, we were actually the lowest in price and the highest in trade in! I am at a loss on how we can get them to change brands!” a rejected Joe responds.

Can you relate to the above situation?

Welcome to the club as most people can in one way or another.

Is the above scenario only relative in the sales environment? Regretfully, the answer is No!

How many of us have been involved with an employee (spouse, child, friend, sibling) that isn’t complying with our wishes?

Or how about getting a group of volunteers to buy into an idea that will advance the cause of the organization ten-fold?

Been there, right?.

We plan the presentation; we build up the benefits, and polish the idea or concept till it looks almost too good to be true!

I have done it myself more times than I care to recall!

Seems we have all been in this same scenario, what is it that we need to do differently to get past these hidden barriers? …MORE..
Ive never fired anyone before
How a leader’s beliefs can get in the way2 Apr 2007

Ever had that discussion with someone that shares a problem their experiencing, and as they describe the situation your wondering why they haven’t taken action?

From your view the solution is obvious, yet they seem unable to have the same view or conclusion.

In a recent conversation with a small yet growing business owner, there was that same experience. Ultimately the conversations lead to some awareness on his part as to how his beliefs were getting in the way of his business growth and performance.

Here is a recap of the conversation….MORE...