Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hidden Communications Factor

The HIDDEN Communications Factor..
Its 3 in the afternoon, a fairly tough day for you and your next appointment shows up. A salesperson with a service you have been considering using enters your office. You note the strong smile and good posture of the well dressed representative. They engage you in a pleasant way, ask good questions that get you thinking and ask for the order.

You see the service as being a good candidate and fit for you, yet for some reason you feel uncomfortable with saying yes to this salesperson. The service is fine, the pricing is reasonable, yet NO is your answer.

A few days later you decide to go with a different service vendor that is a bit higher in cost. As you analyze your choices you find yourself feeling more comfortable with this company’s salesperson over the others you have met.

Is this decision about price? About quality? About value?

The studies show, most likely not! It is about the hidden language of communications! ...MORE..