Monday, November 05, 2007

Leveraging Your Time

In school we learned about using a lever to move heavier objects. The longer the lever the less effort needed to accomplish a task larger than ourselves.

You’ve heard of “leveraging” your financial assets. Simply put, using the equity you have to buy more properties and increasing your net worth.

Recently I received a pod cast that talked about a trip to Bangkok, Thailand and how the business there defiantly leveraged themselves.

So how do you “leverage” yourself?

Read on, this just might surprise you and how you can adapt these ideas! …MORE…

Persuaison Basics

Missed more often than you think29 Oct 2007

It’s Thursday and I’m meeting with a CEO of a wholesale company.

“Yes we have a very experienced sales crew, many of them with over 20 years of selling in the industry.” was John’s, the CEO, response.

“If that is so, why such a challenge in getting more market share?” I asked.

“Well, here is an example. I was traveling with one of the guys last week for a couple of days and had to physically kick him under the table to get him to stop!” John responded.

“Really! But he’s one of your experienced guys! He really should know better, shouldn’t he?” I exclaimed.

This you have to follow up on, it just goes to show that experience does not mean competence! Read the rest of the article to get the whole story! Hope you don’t have one of these…MORE…….

Attitudes and Actions

I’m walking though the grocery store on a quick errand, my mind is on my own problems and some issues that have popped up. Focused on my task and own issues, I’m unaware of my mood and demeanor.

As I’m standing at the checkout, I note how the clerk is not real happy looking and customers are not engaging her.

That’s when I become aware of my own demeanor and realize I might be sending worse signals than she is!

Ever have one of those days where it’s a struggle to keep you attitude up or at least even?

Here is what we can do to change that..MORE...

Key to Persuasion II

This past week I’m meeting with Jeff, a coaching client and talking about his small business. As we discuss his week and the issues that came up, it was obvious that the tail was beginning to wag the dog once more!

Personnel issues were at the forefront and creating time and production issues for him. As the discussion continued the focus moved to longer term results and how to get them.

Here is where I asked the question;
“What is the difference between telling and leading someone?”

If you’re in sales, management, leadership or a parent, you’ll want the rest of this story…MORE..