Sunday, September 16, 2007

Building Membership
Ideas on pulling members to your organization17 Sep 2007

The phone rings and Jill is on the other end. “We need a speaker for our program at Rotary.”

“Sure I can help you out. Any ideas on what the topic should be?”

“Well we’re on our membership drive and I think you know how tough it can be to get members to get out of their comfort zone and ask someone! Can you do something that will help our members to be better recruiters?”

“Jill, most of your members are business people with lots of connections, why such a challenge with new members?”

“I find that just because their in business does not mean they understand how to persuade or influence others positively or even just ask others to join!”

“Ok, I think the picture is a bit clearer. Here is what we could do to give them a couple of quick tools they could apply…MORE…..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sopranos and Business Leaders
Maximizing the right skills in the right place10 Sep 2007

Its late evening and a long day. Red and I sit on the couch and start flicking through the channels looking for something to unwind with.

A lovely women with a high soprano voice is doing “Over the rainbow” in A cappella when another and then another lovely high soprano joins until there are five of them in perfect unison, harmony and pitch!

If you have never experienced your emotions being pulled out and the hair standing up from the exquisite sound of a high soprano, I would encourage you to put the experience on your “things to do before I go” list! This particular performance was “Celtic Woman” and featured many of the old Celtic songs that really pull you in when performed by the haunting sound of a high soprano. It’s coming live to Fargo in November.

Unfortunately this was on TV and we did not have surround sound!

The performance continues with more great sounds and fantastic music. I begin to think about what can a business learn from such a great performance?

What can we learn from a group of performers that can be applied to business today?

Here are four key ideas that any business has to apply to be successful…MORE...
Secret to getting Yes
One tool to get others going your way. 3 Sep 2007

It’s Saturday and the family is home this weekend instead of at the lake. The two teenage girls are like any teenage girls, focused on enjoying the day and doing their thing.

Kathy, the mom, had other plans as most moms’ do. There needs to be some room cleaning and some thing done around the house.

“I’m going outside to do some lawn and yard work. When your TV show is finished cleaning your rooms is next and you should be done by the time I get back in.” states Kathy.

Guess what? Yep, an hour or so later Kathy is back in the house, the girls are still at the TV, on the phone, still in pajamas and no the rooms had not been entered.

By the way, does this ever happen at work with employees or customers? How about your home?

Usually one saves the outcome till last, yet because this is an important story I’ll give you this. Kathy does get almost miraculous obedience from the girls, yet not in a conventional way. You’ll want to get the full story …MORE…
What about Papa
Questions to ask about your communications 27 Aug 2007

Sebastian is three years old and is somewhat shy when talking. As with most children learning to use language, words do not always mean the same thing to them as they may to us.

When I come in he calls “Papa” but calls his dad “Rob”. Ok, I’m your grandfather so why does he refer to me as “Papa”?

How many times have you had a conversation with others and wondered what are they really trying to say? What is being conveyed? Where did that come from?

All good questions if you are trying to improve your communications and relationships. This is where the last 4 of 9 questions comes into play and how they can make you a better listener and communicator…MORE….
Body Language and Your Awareness Aptitude
How your body speaks louder than your words 20 Aug 2007

It’s January of 1998 and President Bill Clinton is saying, “I did not….”.

In Minneapolis the phone is ringing every five minutes.

“Have you got it figured out yet? Is he lying? We know he is lying, but we need some type of proof!”

“Yes, I know he is lying, I just am not putting my finger on it yet!”

“Dr. Hogan, we have to go to press on this, can you verify it?”

Thus the conversation went that day until Dr. Hogan, body language expert, said “AH, HA, I have it!”

Major news media had asked Dr. Hogan to examine the report and indicate by body language that President Clinton was lying.

Have you ever had the sense that something just wasn’t right, yet could not put your finger on what is telling you that?

Here are the answers Dr. Hogan discovered and some ideas that could help you…MORE.
Awareness Aptitude Part II
3 questions to improve communications 13 Aug 2007

Last week’s article gave us 9 questions to provide insight into our communications aptitude. This week we’ll look at the first 3 of the 9.

Many times during my conversations with business people and others, it appears there is a recurring concept that Sales Skills are very different from Leadership or Management Skills.

Generally, after clarifying the thought processes with questioning the conclusion becomes very different. In fact, most agree that the skills and tools are the same; it is a matter of how they are applied!

Two recent examples I have recently came across that discovered this conclusion are a plant coordinator and a physician.

The plant coordinator worked with both the upper management and the production floor. He hated the idea that he was a salespeople because he did not want to be pushy. Yet, 90% of his time was trying to persuade people to take action or make changes. Hmmm, sounds like selling?

The same feelings occurred with the physician. She views her position as technical based, yet the majority of their time was spent with people. The other people being either patients or staff members. He task was usually trying to get some type of cooperation or change from them. Hmmm, sounds like selling?

Both of these examples improved their communications and ability to get cooperation by utilizing the 9 questions. Let’s start with the first 3…MORE …
Your Awareness Aptitude
9 questions to assure you truly understanding what you see and hear
6 Aug 2007

Obviously last Wednesday, August 1 got everyone’s attention when the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. We offer our condolences to those families with losses.

My daughter called me later that evening and indicated everyone was fine on their end. The son-in-law and grandson were fine. They had headed to the Twins Game that evening, stopped for some snacks, then decided to take University instead of 35W and the bridge.

Upon hearing about the bridge on the radio, they went to a parking lot with a high view and could see some of the carnage. No one is sure if they would have been by, on or past the bridge when it collapsed, but glad they made another choice.

What is really interesting is how our politicians and government leaders have now moved infrastructure repair to the front of the discussion, even over Iraq!

So what is the connection to you as a manager or a salesperson?

What is meant by “Your Awareness Aptitude”? Read on to find out ...MORE....