Monday, September 10, 2007

Awareness Aptitude Part II
3 questions to improve communications 13 Aug 2007

Last week’s article gave us 9 questions to provide insight into our communications aptitude. This week we’ll look at the first 3 of the 9.

Many times during my conversations with business people and others, it appears there is a recurring concept that Sales Skills are very different from Leadership or Management Skills.

Generally, after clarifying the thought processes with questioning the conclusion becomes very different. In fact, most agree that the skills and tools are the same; it is a matter of how they are applied!

Two recent examples I have recently came across that discovered this conclusion are a plant coordinator and a physician.

The plant coordinator worked with both the upper management and the production floor. He hated the idea that he was a salespeople because he did not want to be pushy. Yet, 90% of his time was trying to persuade people to take action or make changes. Hmmm, sounds like selling?

The same feelings occurred with the physician. She views her position as technical based, yet the majority of their time was spent with people. The other people being either patients or staff members. He task was usually trying to get some type of cooperation or change from them. Hmmm, sounds like selling?

Both of these examples improved their communications and ability to get cooperation by utilizing the 9 questions. Let’s start with the first 3…MORE …

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