Sunday, September 16, 2007

Building Membership
Ideas on pulling members to your organization17 Sep 2007

The phone rings and Jill is on the other end. “We need a speaker for our program at Rotary.”

“Sure I can help you out. Any ideas on what the topic should be?”

“Well we’re on our membership drive and I think you know how tough it can be to get members to get out of their comfort zone and ask someone! Can you do something that will help our members to be better recruiters?”

“Jill, most of your members are business people with lots of connections, why such a challenge with new members?”

“I find that just because their in business does not mean they understand how to persuade or influence others positively or even just ask others to join!”

“Ok, I think the picture is a bit clearer. Here is what we could do to give them a couple of quick tools they could apply…MORE…..

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