Friday, August 03, 2007

Getting them to call back
12 Tips on getting others to call back

Every so often we all need to have a reality check.

At a social event I ran into Rick, someone I had not seen for some time and had lost track of what he had been doing.

At lunch a few days later we were talking about sales and our approach to selling and customers. It was amazing how we used different words yet said the same thing.

Then I asked about his prospecting and how he found his better customers, much less how he got them to meet with him.

Rick indicated others had asked him to write out what he did to get prospects and customers to call him back. Of course I asked for a copy and he obliged.

Thanks to Rick I can share with you his key points that get prospects and customers to return his calls. ….MORE...
Greedy little Monkeys
Another element of all good leaders

Last week we talked about “life long learning” as a key element to all good leaders. They are always learning something.

So what do they do with this new knowledge and understanding?

Hopefully they are not like the greedy little monkeys.

You see, greedy little monkeys get caught very easily because they are curious, yet also selfish.

Let’s transport ourselves to the equatorial jungle area of Africa, South America or South East Asia. Your job is to hunt the elusive, quick climbing and evasive monkeys.

So how does the idea of a greedy little monkey come in….MORE..
Learning Leaders
One element of all successful leaders

Every day I get an email, mailing or have a conversation about Leadership.

Perhaps you do as well? Does it matter if we are a factory line worker, salesperson or manager? Could we be leaders?

One challenge seems to be defining just what is Leadership and who or what is a leader? If you have the same question, perhaps this article will give some insight.

In past articles items such as persuasion, sales, management, culture and other aspects of business have been discussed. These issues are broad and complex and certainly take more than just one article or conversation to fully understand.

It’s the same with Leadership, it is simple yet complicated, has many facets yet can be simple if given elements or points are followed.

Here is one very simple yet important element of all leaders…MORE..
Killing the Worry Bug
6 steps to get rid of stress, worry and problems

I was listening to a speaker some time ago talking about a trying time in his life.

If you can relate to bills piling up, collection calls, struggling to make things happen and only disappointment was occurring.

He went on to relate an incident where the sheriff came to the door with papers to collect a debt. With no money the sheriff went away empty handed.

The speaker went on to describe his feeling of dread and failure over the incident, and then something occurred to him that changed his view, his thinking and his future!

That something put him in a different frame of mind and provided a different view of his situation. I wonder if this might not work for you….
Our thinking and choices create our independence

Susan and Tammy had been together since the first grade. Through school and high school they were in classes together as well as the sports and a few parties.

Both went to college and got their degrees in marketing together.

Susan now works for a retail company at the local mall doing her shifts on weekends and rotating holidays.

It’s July 1 and Tammy is doing some shopping for the long holiday she has planned when she sees Susan.

“Great to see you Susan, you’re looking good!”

“Thank you Tammy, what is new with you these days?” asks Susan.

“Oh the kids and I are going on a ten day tour over the 4th holiday. We’re going to follow some of the original landmarks of the Revolutionary War so the kids can get a feel for what the Fourth of July really means.” Tammy responds with a smile.

“That sounds absolutely great! How is it you can get so much time off and afford such a trip?” inquires Susan with anticipation.

“I guess it has been some time since we’ve talked. Actually I took my own Independence Day about a year ago…..MORE..
Gut Level Persuasion
Persuasion; is it a gut feeling or factual understanding?

You’re at a friend’s house party and Billy is wowing the group with his magic and mind reading demonstrations.

“How does he do that?” is what everyone is asking.

Now Billy is definitely what we would call an “entertainer”, yet there is more to his ability than just his personality!

You see, Billy is a scientist of sorts. Through observation, study and practice he has developed an understanding of people’s behaviors, thinking and joined that with scientific data.

Kevin Hogan gave us a couple of examples to test our “gut” reactions, here are some:
It takes 367 people in a room to guarantee two people will have the same birthday. How many to have a 50/50 chance? 187?
As parents we have the most influence on how our children will turn out? Yes?

So what is the right answer and how does this help us persuade, influence and sell? …..MORE..