Friday, August 03, 2007

Our thinking and choices create our independence

Susan and Tammy had been together since the first grade. Through school and high school they were in classes together as well as the sports and a few parties.

Both went to college and got their degrees in marketing together.

Susan now works for a retail company at the local mall doing her shifts on weekends and rotating holidays.

It’s July 1 and Tammy is doing some shopping for the long holiday she has planned when she sees Susan.

“Great to see you Susan, you’re looking good!”

“Thank you Tammy, what is new with you these days?” asks Susan.

“Oh the kids and I are going on a ten day tour over the 4th holiday. We’re going to follow some of the original landmarks of the Revolutionary War so the kids can get a feel for what the Fourth of July really means.” Tammy responds with a smile.

“That sounds absolutely great! How is it you can get so much time off and afford such a trip?” inquires Susan with anticipation.

“I guess it has been some time since we’ve talked. Actually I took my own Independence Day about a year ago…..MORE..

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