Monday, April 21, 2008

Living Without Leaders

Life without Leaders
Can groups function without leadership?

One of my connections on LinkedIn posed an interesting question that got me thinking.

Can a Leaderless Organization Succeed?

It really got everyone thinking about what Leadership really is. Whether you’re a manager, salesperson or employee this can have an impact on you and your future.

So what is this Leadership concept all about? What makes one person a leader and others a follower? Which are you and why? …MORE…

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Power of “Liz”

The true influencer in our choices

I would like you to do something for me.

Take your left and right index finger and point them to your head. The area to point them at is just behind your ears on each side toward the top of the ear. Now if you push really really hard…. No, that might hurt and not be good for you.

But if you could push your fingers into your head, where the fingers meet is where “Liz” is.

Who or what is “Liz”? Only the greatest influencer in our lives…..MORE...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Success's Worst Enemy

How success eludes many of us

I get an email promoting a new book. It’s by some kid that just turned 22 and has already started several new businesses and is worth several million!

Of course we wonder how can a kid in Grade School start a business and be worth a million before he graduates High School.

The judgment starts in, his parents helped him, he had a leg up some way, he started with a bunch of money and on and on. There just is no way a kid could do this! The reality is none of these are the case!

Cameron simply never let Success’s Worst Enemy get in the way!

Who or what is this worst enemy? ...MORE...

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hidden Communications Factor

The HIDDEN Communications Factor..
Its 3 in the afternoon, a fairly tough day for you and your next appointment shows up. A salesperson with a service you have been considering using enters your office. You note the strong smile and good posture of the well dressed representative. They engage you in a pleasant way, ask good questions that get you thinking and ask for the order.

You see the service as being a good candidate and fit for you, yet for some reason you feel uncomfortable with saying yes to this salesperson. The service is fine, the pricing is reasonable, yet NO is your answer.

A few days later you decide to go with a different service vendor that is a bit higher in cost. As you analyze your choices you find yourself feeling more comfortable with this company’s salesperson over the others you have met.

Is this decision about price? About quality? About value?

The studies show, most likely not! It is about the hidden language of communications! ...MORE..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Persuading the Board

Persuading the Board
7 Points in persuasive group presentations

Brian is more than nervous, this is a big deal! Actually the biggest deal to date for the financial advisor. He paces and tries to think of what and how he should present his solution to the Board of Directors.

Now Brian has done public speaking and presentations before. He is calm and confident in front of a group and does some type of presentation almost weekly.

The challenge for Brian is how you persuade a group of wealth business people to put their millions in your care! Plus you have several competitors vying for the same business.

Now you may not be making this type of presentation, yet working with groups is something every professional could be and should be using. How do you make the most of the opportunity?

Here are 7 quick tips to keep in mind when preparing to persuade a group…MORE…..

Monday, January 14, 2008

Amazing how this works

Amazing How This Works
Dealing with resistance gets results14 Jan 2008

As with anyone in sales, I’m making sales calls last week with mixed results. Of course getting someone on the phone is a barrier. The other is getting a positive response once you get that decision maker.

Finally, the business owner is on the phone and I have an opportunity! Then it happens, the resistance comes up and down the slippery slope, until…MORE..