Sunday, June 17, 2007

Are you at a disadvantage?
Using your strength strategies.

In many of my past articles there have been references to historical events as examples of how ideas and strategies can be applied in today’s world.

I find it interesting how events and behaviors from ancient times are still viable today and still occur in our society.The reality is that the human race has gained great technical knowledge, yet many of our human behaviors still remain just as they were in history.

It is because of this we can take those history lessons and help us in our strategies today.Here is one from the Greeks and Persians around 500BC. It all started…MORE….
Breakfast of Champions
3 Keys to meet your goals

Last week the article was about gaining more willpower and how to keep it going. After all I think most would agree that champions do have a great deal of will power!

So what is it that keeps the champions in the front of the pack?

What is it that each of us could be doing to be more of the champion?

But wait, we have to get up each morning, get the kids moving, get to our job, do our job, deal with the daily issues, get home and more kids, do the lawn, the laundry, cook a meal and then have the energy to get excited about our goals and being a better champion!

Let’s get real! We are bushed and exhausted!

So how do we take more control over our lives direction and be more of the champion?
Here are some thoughts…MORE…..
Unlimited Will Power
What is it, How do you get it?

Here it is Monday morning and my commitment to have an article out every Monday is in jeopardy.

Usually the mind is going all week on potential ideas and by Friday evening it’s formulated and written by Saturday and definitely by Sunday morning.For what ever reason there were too many distractions and suddenly its Monday early AM. (this ever happen to you?)

So early Monday AM the keys start to rattle because it’s a commitment to a group of people and it is a habit that I have worked to develop.

Then comes Kevin Hogan’s Coffee and his article on willpower this morning and gives me a new idea on what to give you today.If you are not getting Kevin’s Coffee I would suggest you sign on, he gives you more than enough to chew on! (link at end of article)

The question is why do we hear stories about people who come to this country, do not speak the language, have nothing with them and yet become successful and become part of the top 10%? What do they have that we do not? How can we get it? …MORE..
Thinking likeEinstein
4 Creative tools that Einstein would use

Jerry is on break and playing cards with other employees when the pad he is keeping score on continues to slip and slide around. His frustration shows and then his expression changes as though something significant has occurred.

“Be right back” he tells the rest of the group.

He returns with a small cup full of glue, but not just any glue. This is some stuff they did not know what to do with. It would stick alright, but a slight tug and it came loose and the engineers could not come up with a use for this weak glue.

A dab on the end of the score paper and it stayed put for the whole game. When they were done, a slight tug and up it came without leaving a mark.

Yep, that is the story as I have been told how one of 3M’s biggest sellers came to be. Post
It Notes® came to being from something that was considered waste and had no value.It was someone’s creativity in solving a problem that made that useless glue into billions of dollars!

Recently I purchased a book called, “How to think like Einstein” by Scott Thorpe. Here are just a few ideas you could apply to tap into your natural creativity! …MORE..
Negotiation Tactics
Insights in preparing for any negotiation

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with a young business man that is doing exceptionally well. Having started in the proverbial two stall garage eight years ago and now expanding his eight million dollar operation for the fifth time, he obviously knows something.

We talked about several situations he recently had involving some negotiation tactics and the results of both.

This week’s article will cover two examples of negation tactics being applied and examine why they obtained the results they did.If you want more insight into negotiations, read on ...MORE..
No One Trusts Business
6 Actions leaders can take to change it

Only 51% of the public polled indicated “trust” in business to do the right thing!

What does that say about how the public sees business today?

Now consider the fact that all these people work for a business of some type! How are they viewing their own employer?

This comes from a presentation by Mark Sanborn during a simulcast on Friday, May 11, 07.

Along with Mark were 8 other nationally recognized leaders in business, education, social reform and sports.

So what was their answer to the 51% “trust” factor? What could business leaders and individuals be doing to improve that public perception? Here are six actions they have seen work! …MORE…
You Expected What
The power of setting expectations

“Wow” says Joe as his body starts to stop shaking. “That was really a tough call for me. I knew there would be name calling and I would be the whipping post, but he really chewed me up.”

“Joe, I’ve never seen you handle anything like this the way you did tonight! You really were in control of this guy! You need to feel good about this.” Exclaimed his wife.

“Did I come across to strong at the end when the new expectations were set? I’ve just never really done that before.” Queries Joe.

“Where did that come from Joe, I wish the other side of the conversation could have been heard. Did you really did get him to agree to do what you wanted in the end?” asks his wife.

“Yes he did and now I’m going to hold him to it, just like I will with every customer from now on.” Is Joe’s confident response.

So what is it that Joe is doing differently to effectively handle the tough situations he comes up against? What has created this new confidence in his communications and position in the situation? …MORE….
Persuasion the insperational way
7 Steps to the persuasive story for selling ideas

Your favorite song comes on and you’re immediately engaged in humming or singing the lyrics. In your mind, time travel takes place and past memories take over, you’re mentally there reliving your past experiences.

Why does a song, a TV ad or a story have such sticking power for us?Perhaps you’ve heard the joke about every Country Western song having the same theme of the dog dies the wife leaves, the truck broke down and the beer is gone. Obviously more than one Country Music star or fan would indicate there is far more to it than that.

What it does demonstrate is the power of the story. Most songs tell some type of story which makes them memorable and helps us emotionally attach ourselves to them.

Do you want to be more persuasive, more influential and sell more?It has been proven again and again that top persuaders are also master story tellers!

Just think the highest paid people in our culture are musicians; story tellers!So how can you and I become these masters at story telling? …MORE…
5 Secrets to Success
5 Keys from 4 successful CEO's

In just the past week I had the pleasure of invest time with four successful CEO’s and getting their input and views on what has helped them to be successful.

Imagine getting the insight from the founder of the largest research company in the country that was built against the odds.

A man that started out expecting engineering to be his career, only to find himself running a 50 million dollar operation.

Another that really didn’t want to leave home but saw opportunity, and by growing teams has created his own opportunities.

The fourth was over a million in personal debt when he started his company a few years ago and now talks about weighing the money instead of counting it.

Suppose these men just might have something for you?I’ve taken their conversations and put the essence into five key areas for your review. Here they are…MORE…