Sunday, June 17, 2007

Breakfast of Champions
3 Keys to meet your goals

Last week the article was about gaining more willpower and how to keep it going. After all I think most would agree that champions do have a great deal of will power!

So what is it that keeps the champions in the front of the pack?

What is it that each of us could be doing to be more of the champion?

But wait, we have to get up each morning, get the kids moving, get to our job, do our job, deal with the daily issues, get home and more kids, do the lawn, the laundry, cook a meal and then have the energy to get excited about our goals and being a better champion!

Let’s get real! We are bushed and exhausted!

So how do we take more control over our lives direction and be more of the champion?
Here are some thoughts…MORE…..

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