Sunday, June 17, 2007

You Expected What
The power of setting expectations

“Wow” says Joe as his body starts to stop shaking. “That was really a tough call for me. I knew there would be name calling and I would be the whipping post, but he really chewed me up.”

“Joe, I’ve never seen you handle anything like this the way you did tonight! You really were in control of this guy! You need to feel good about this.” Exclaimed his wife.

“Did I come across to strong at the end when the new expectations were set? I’ve just never really done that before.” Queries Joe.

“Where did that come from Joe, I wish the other side of the conversation could have been heard. Did you really did get him to agree to do what you wanted in the end?” asks his wife.

“Yes he did and now I’m going to hold him to it, just like I will with every customer from now on.” Is Joe’s confident response.

So what is it that Joe is doing differently to effectively handle the tough situations he comes up against? What has created this new confidence in his communications and position in the situation? …MORE….

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