Sunday, June 17, 2007

5 Secrets to Success
5 Keys from 4 successful CEO's

In just the past week I had the pleasure of invest time with four successful CEO’s and getting their input and views on what has helped them to be successful.

Imagine getting the insight from the founder of the largest research company in the country that was built against the odds.

A man that started out expecting engineering to be his career, only to find himself running a 50 million dollar operation.

Another that really didn’t want to leave home but saw opportunity, and by growing teams has created his own opportunities.

The fourth was over a million in personal debt when he started his company a few years ago and now talks about weighing the money instead of counting it.

Suppose these men just might have something for you?I’ve taken their conversations and put the essence into five key areas for your review. Here they are…MORE…

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