Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thinking likeEinstein
4 Creative tools that Einstein would use

Jerry is on break and playing cards with other employees when the pad he is keeping score on continues to slip and slide around. His frustration shows and then his expression changes as though something significant has occurred.

“Be right back” he tells the rest of the group.

He returns with a small cup full of glue, but not just any glue. This is some stuff they did not know what to do with. It would stick alright, but a slight tug and it came loose and the engineers could not come up with a use for this weak glue.

A dab on the end of the score paper and it stayed put for the whole game. When they were done, a slight tug and up it came without leaving a mark.

Yep, that is the story as I have been told how one of 3M’s biggest sellers came to be. Post
It Notes® came to being from something that was considered waste and had no value.It was someone’s creativity in solving a problem that made that useless glue into billions of dollars!

Recently I purchased a book called, “How to think like Einstein” by Scott Thorpe. Here are just a few ideas you could apply to tap into your natural creativity! …MORE..

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