Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unlimited Will Power
What is it, How do you get it?

Here it is Monday morning and my commitment to have an article out every Monday is in jeopardy.

Usually the mind is going all week on potential ideas and by Friday evening it’s formulated and written by Saturday and definitely by Sunday morning.For what ever reason there were too many distractions and suddenly its Monday early AM. (this ever happen to you?)

So early Monday AM the keys start to rattle because it’s a commitment to a group of people and it is a habit that I have worked to develop.

Then comes Kevin Hogan’s Coffee and his article on willpower this morning and gives me a new idea on what to give you today.If you are not getting Kevin’s Coffee I would suggest you sign on, he gives you more than enough to chew on! (link at end of article)

The question is why do we hear stories about people who come to this country, do not speak the language, have nothing with them and yet become successful and become part of the top 10%? What do they have that we do not? How can we get it? …MORE..

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