Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happiness Strategies
How a personal strategy can change your life

We have talked a great deal about various strategies in the past several articles. Is it possible to develop happiness strategies?

Ever come across a person that just always seemed to be happy even though their life seemed in the pits?

Or how about the person undergoing some type of medical crisis yet they’re the ones that cheered everyone up.

Just recently I caught an interview about a gentleman that came from poverty; left home at age 14 to live on the streets, built a business worth millions in the oil industry only to have it crash.

Then he built up a business from scratch, worth 3.5 Billion in the debt collection business. Seems he had lots of experience from the other side; the debtor side.

Then only to have a partner’s choices bring it crashing down and cause him to face a life in prison if wrongly convicted.

They even cut his mansion in half as part of his bankruptcy!

For the third time in his life he was dead broke!

All the time his life was happy and he had his wife, whom he met in high school, which kept him looking at life in a positive way.

Today he is worth millions by helping others to create happiness strategies in their lives.

Here are some of his strategies….MORE...
Getting Decisions
Two strategies to help others make a choice
19 Mar 2007

Just last week we were talking to Robert Jonas about how he gets his top 20% producers to increase their sales by some 30%!

Now some are saying, “Another sales article! Let’s get something that applies to the rest of us!”

The fact of the matter is that these two ideas or strategies do apply to anyone we are trying to get some type of decision or choice from.

It really doesn’t matter if we are in a selling situation, coaching an employee or getting a family member to make a choice. The ultimate outcome is getting a choice made.

Just this afternoon I had a discussion where a family was pushing John to make a choice. They were applying pressure in various ways to get John to make a choice the family felt he should. The results were showing up as even more resistance from John, and him wanting to go the other way!

Pushing just never seems to work, unless you want to build more resistance to your ideas.

So what can we do?

Ok, here are two ideas that...MORE...
Right Thinking Strategies
Developing the process 10 Mar 2007

Oh my god!
The time is changing this weekend, will my computer work? What about my PDA? How am I going to be able to deal with the change?

Monday will be a disaster because of this!

Switching to Daylight Savings Time is a simple change. But, just imagine how many people probably had these same fears going through their head.
Granted, if you’re in charge of a Fortune 100 Companies computer system, you may have good reason for concern.

Of course if you were in charge of that huge computer system you would have a strategy in place along with an implementation plan.

My question for you is this, if you have a plan in place, what is your strategy relating to; your career, your business, and most importantly your personal life?

If you stop and think about it, a strategy directs your thinking and view of a given situation and its solutions. Just suppose you have a great plan but no strategy, how much power has the plan lost?

What happens when the plan fails or hits walls?

I believe you can relate to this;...MORE..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Removing Resistance
Two of the many Omega Strategies

Joe’s had a tough time getting production numbers for the month. He’s done a great job, getting plenty of prospects to listen to his presentations, yet he keeps getting the big stall. No decision is always a decision!

As he checks his email he finds a note from Business Architects regarding the teleconference that evening with Dr. Knowles on “How to Overcome Resistance.”

Joe thinks to himself, “I wonder if this guy might have some answers for me. Sure can’t hurt to listen.”

That evening Joe closes his office door and dials the phone.

As he listens to what Dr. Knowles and Harlan have to say, he gets excited. The pen in his hand is going as fast as it can to get all the information down. “Wow, this makes so much sense but I never thought of it that way before!”

What is being presented that has got Joe captivated? ...MORE...
Selling Sally
Unbelievable sales growth by reducing resistance.
24 Feb 2007

I should have thought of that!” “How did he come up with that approach!”

That was my reaction when Gary May gave a brief overview of how he took a small sales force and created sales growth that makes a fighter jet with the afterburners on seem slow.

So they take a $20,000 to $100,000 purchase and sell far more than their competitors, do it in one sales call with higher margins while closing in the 80% range!

Now this is a fairly mundane yet expensive and required product such as your company phone and switch gear. Add in a competitive market with multiple suppliers and conservative buyers in the UK.

Two years ago Gary takes the book The Psychology of Persuasion, and applies the concepts to his sales force and product. The numbers tell the rest of the story!

The numbers, taking over 70% of their market, closing 80% of the sales on the first call, closing 70% of their customer’s customers and their top people earning in the $600,000 range! These are all US currency, not UK pounds!

Interested? …..More….
Qualifying, What is it? 2-8-07
Tools to save you and your customer time

It’s Tuesday and I’m meeting with an executive for a large equipment organization. It’s an interesting conversation, as it’s indicated the sales force is very busy with customers wanting equipment, managers are even asking for more bodies to handle the volume of calls and customers. Sound like a dream?

Then the question comes, “What volume of business are they doing or how many are they closing on?”
“That’s the problem, I’m guessing the actual closing ratio is only 15-20%!” and we start wondering who is in the driver’s seat.

“What?” I ask, “I would expect 30-50% or maybe more, what is not happening here?”

“Obviously they are not qualifying the customers and are functioning as order takers and information clerks!”

The issue of effectively qualifying a customer seems to be more prevalent today in many industries. This similar conversation happens at least a couple times a month.

If this is true then let’s take a look at what this idea of qualifying is all about. ....MORE...
Sold Before you Say a Word
How preconditioning affects our choices
2 Feb 2007

It’s been one of those days; Ben has made several calls today with mixed results. One has really got him pondering what he is doing wrong. A customer decided to go with a competitor whose salesman has a questionable reputation. The competitive sales person promises a great deal, most of which he and his company rarely delivers. The product quality is ok yet not equal to Ben’s equipment.

Ben had questioned the customer about the purchase decision only to get a vague answer about feeling better about the other company despite the known reputation and pricing was not the issue.

As Ben pulls up to the coffee shop to take a break and clear his mind, he sees a salesperson from a different company, Susan, she is also taking a break and they sit down together for coffee. Ben tells his story about the lost sale and how he doesn’t understand what he did wrong or missed. Susan indicates she might have some insight as she knows the customer and some of his connections.

“You see Ben, this customer knows John at BBC and he thinks this other sales person walks on water, even though BBC has had problems with him and his promises. I bet John told your customer to trust this guy even though your customer knew about the problems BBC had been having.” Says Susan.

“That doesn’t make sense!” retorts Ben.

“You’re right” says Susan, “It is not logical, but you have to understand most people do not realize how preconditioning affects their decisions.”

(For those of you not in sales, hang on, this applies to all communications.) .....MORE...
10 Points of Persuasion
Ideas you can use today and get results from your sales and teams.

Jolene is a manager with 20 people on her team; they just received the top production and sales award from the company for the third year in a row!

Gerald, another team manger approaches: “Jolene, congratulations. I need to get some of what you have! How do you continually get this performance out of your team?”

“Thank you, Gerald, I know you always want to improve your team and I would gladly fill you in for the price of a good lunch.” Replies Jolene.

“Tomorrow, we’ll take a longer lunch at the restaurant down the block and it’s on me!” States Gerald with anticipation.

“11:30 to beat the crowd?” Is her response.

Its 11:30 and Jolene and Gerald get a booth in a quiet corner to discuss the strategies she uses to get more commitment from her team. ...MORE...