Sunday, March 25, 2007

Right Thinking Strategies
Developing the process 10 Mar 2007

Oh my god!
The time is changing this weekend, will my computer work? What about my PDA? How am I going to be able to deal with the change?

Monday will be a disaster because of this!

Switching to Daylight Savings Time is a simple change. But, just imagine how many people probably had these same fears going through their head.
Granted, if you’re in charge of a Fortune 100 Companies computer system, you may have good reason for concern.

Of course if you were in charge of that huge computer system you would have a strategy in place along with an implementation plan.

My question for you is this, if you have a plan in place, what is your strategy relating to; your career, your business, and most importantly your personal life?

If you stop and think about it, a strategy directs your thinking and view of a given situation and its solutions. Just suppose you have a great plan but no strategy, how much power has the plan lost?

What happens when the plan fails or hits walls?

I believe you can relate to this;...MORE..

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