Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happiness Strategies
How a personal strategy can change your life

We have talked a great deal about various strategies in the past several articles. Is it possible to develop happiness strategies?

Ever come across a person that just always seemed to be happy even though their life seemed in the pits?

Or how about the person undergoing some type of medical crisis yet they’re the ones that cheered everyone up.

Just recently I caught an interview about a gentleman that came from poverty; left home at age 14 to live on the streets, built a business worth millions in the oil industry only to have it crash.

Then he built up a business from scratch, worth 3.5 Billion in the debt collection business. Seems he had lots of experience from the other side; the debtor side.

Then only to have a partner’s choices bring it crashing down and cause him to face a life in prison if wrongly convicted.

They even cut his mansion in half as part of his bankruptcy!

For the third time in his life he was dead broke!

All the time his life was happy and he had his wife, whom he met in high school, which kept him looking at life in a positive way.

Today he is worth millions by helping others to create happiness strategies in their lives.

Here are some of his strategies….MORE...

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