Saturday, March 03, 2007

Removing Resistance
Two of the many Omega Strategies

Joe’s had a tough time getting production numbers for the month. He’s done a great job, getting plenty of prospects to listen to his presentations, yet he keeps getting the big stall. No decision is always a decision!

As he checks his email he finds a note from Business Architects regarding the teleconference that evening with Dr. Knowles on “How to Overcome Resistance.”

Joe thinks to himself, “I wonder if this guy might have some answers for me. Sure can’t hurt to listen.”

That evening Joe closes his office door and dials the phone.

As he listens to what Dr. Knowles and Harlan have to say, he gets excited. The pen in his hand is going as fast as it can to get all the information down. “Wow, this makes so much sense but I never thought of it that way before!”

What is being presented that has got Joe captivated? ...MORE...

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Bonnie said...

Great work.