Saturday, March 03, 2007

10 Points of Persuasion
Ideas you can use today and get results from your sales and teams.

Jolene is a manager with 20 people on her team; they just received the top production and sales award from the company for the third year in a row!

Gerald, another team manger approaches: “Jolene, congratulations. I need to get some of what you have! How do you continually get this performance out of your team?”

“Thank you, Gerald, I know you always want to improve your team and I would gladly fill you in for the price of a good lunch.” Replies Jolene.

“Tomorrow, we’ll take a longer lunch at the restaurant down the block and it’s on me!” States Gerald with anticipation.

“11:30 to beat the crowd?” Is her response.

Its 11:30 and Jolene and Gerald get a booth in a quiet corner to discuss the strategies she uses to get more commitment from her team. ...MORE...

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