Saturday, January 27, 2007

Getting the team moving
Incentives that work for the long haul!

It’s January in the North Country, as I board the plane I see some familiar faces, executives from one of my client companies.

“So where are you heading?” I ask him.
“Taking my team to Vegas for a week of golfing!”
“The whole group or just the top 20%?” I ask.
“Oh it’s wonderful, over 90% made the cut this year based on our production goals, the largest group we’ve ever taken!” (40 sales people on staff)

Apparently our training and their incentive program had a good effect!

What about your team’s performance?

Then late last week I had conversation with another client and discussed how they could set up an incentive program that would work.

During the conversation, the question arose as to whether he should spell out that the rules state the poorest perfromer gets fired as a way to put some teeth into the program.

I strongly suggested he not proceed down that path! I wanted him to look at what his real objectives and outcomes were in implementing a program.

Our discussion that followed, was very similiar to many others I have had with managers struggling with the same situation.

I have placed the recap of that conversation below.. .....More......

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