Saturday, March 03, 2007

Selling Sally
Unbelievable sales growth by reducing resistance.
24 Feb 2007

I should have thought of that!” “How did he come up with that approach!”

That was my reaction when Gary May gave a brief overview of how he took a small sales force and created sales growth that makes a fighter jet with the afterburners on seem slow.

So they take a $20,000 to $100,000 purchase and sell far more than their competitors, do it in one sales call with higher margins while closing in the 80% range!

Now this is a fairly mundane yet expensive and required product such as your company phone and switch gear. Add in a competitive market with multiple suppliers and conservative buyers in the UK.

Two years ago Gary takes the book The Psychology of Persuasion, and applies the concepts to his sales force and product. The numbers tell the rest of the story!

The numbers, taking over 70% of their market, closing 80% of the sales on the first call, closing 70% of their customer’s customers and their top people earning in the $600,000 range! These are all US currency, not UK pounds!

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