Friday, August 03, 2007

Gut Level Persuasion
Persuasion; is it a gut feeling or factual understanding?

You’re at a friend’s house party and Billy is wowing the group with his magic and mind reading demonstrations.

“How does he do that?” is what everyone is asking.

Now Billy is definitely what we would call an “entertainer”, yet there is more to his ability than just his personality!

You see, Billy is a scientist of sorts. Through observation, study and practice he has developed an understanding of people’s behaviors, thinking and joined that with scientific data.

Kevin Hogan gave us a couple of examples to test our “gut” reactions, here are some:
It takes 367 people in a room to guarantee two people will have the same birthday. How many to have a 50/50 chance? 187?
As parents we have the most influence on how our children will turn out? Yes?

So what is the right answer and how does this help us persuade, influence and sell? …..MORE..

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