Monday, September 10, 2007

Sopranos and Business Leaders
Maximizing the right skills in the right place10 Sep 2007

Its late evening and a long day. Red and I sit on the couch and start flicking through the channels looking for something to unwind with.

A lovely women with a high soprano voice is doing “Over the rainbow” in A cappella when another and then another lovely high soprano joins until there are five of them in perfect unison, harmony and pitch!

If you have never experienced your emotions being pulled out and the hair standing up from the exquisite sound of a high soprano, I would encourage you to put the experience on your “things to do before I go” list! This particular performance was “Celtic Woman” and featured many of the old Celtic songs that really pull you in when performed by the haunting sound of a high soprano. It’s coming live to Fargo in November.

Unfortunately this was on TV and we did not have surround sound!

The performance continues with more great sounds and fantastic music. I begin to think about what can a business learn from such a great performance?

What can we learn from a group of performers that can be applied to business today?

Here are four key ideas that any business has to apply to be successful…MORE...

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