Monday, September 10, 2007

Body Language and Your Awareness Aptitude
How your body speaks louder than your words 20 Aug 2007

It’s January of 1998 and President Bill Clinton is saying, “I did not….”.

In Minneapolis the phone is ringing every five minutes.

“Have you got it figured out yet? Is he lying? We know he is lying, but we need some type of proof!”

“Yes, I know he is lying, I just am not putting my finger on it yet!”

“Dr. Hogan, we have to go to press on this, can you verify it?”

Thus the conversation went that day until Dr. Hogan, body language expert, said “AH, HA, I have it!”

Major news media had asked Dr. Hogan to examine the report and indicate by body language that President Clinton was lying.

Have you ever had the sense that something just wasn’t right, yet could not put your finger on what is telling you that?

Here are the answers Dr. Hogan discovered and some ideas that could help you…MORE.

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