Monday, September 10, 2007

Secret to getting Yes
One tool to get others going your way. 3 Sep 2007

It’s Saturday and the family is home this weekend instead of at the lake. The two teenage girls are like any teenage girls, focused on enjoying the day and doing their thing.

Kathy, the mom, had other plans as most moms’ do. There needs to be some room cleaning and some thing done around the house.

“I’m going outside to do some lawn and yard work. When your TV show is finished cleaning your rooms is next and you should be done by the time I get back in.” states Kathy.

Guess what? Yep, an hour or so later Kathy is back in the house, the girls are still at the TV, on the phone, still in pajamas and no the rooms had not been entered.

By the way, does this ever happen at work with employees or customers? How about your home?

Usually one saves the outcome till last, yet because this is an important story I’ll give you this. Kathy does get almost miraculous obedience from the girls, yet not in a conventional way. You’ll want to get the full story …MORE…

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