Monday, September 10, 2007

Your Awareness Aptitude
9 questions to assure you truly understanding what you see and hear
6 Aug 2007

Obviously last Wednesday, August 1 got everyone’s attention when the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. We offer our condolences to those families with losses.

My daughter called me later that evening and indicated everyone was fine on their end. The son-in-law and grandson were fine. They had headed to the Twins Game that evening, stopped for some snacks, then decided to take University instead of 35W and the bridge.

Upon hearing about the bridge on the radio, they went to a parking lot with a high view and could see some of the carnage. No one is sure if they would have been by, on or past the bridge when it collapsed, but glad they made another choice.

What is really interesting is how our politicians and government leaders have now moved infrastructure repair to the front of the discussion, even over Iraq!

So what is the connection to you as a manager or a salesperson?

What is meant by “Your Awareness Aptitude”? Read on to find out ...MORE....

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