Monday, November 05, 2007

Persuaison Basics

Missed more often than you think29 Oct 2007

It’s Thursday and I’m meeting with a CEO of a wholesale company.

“Yes we have a very experienced sales crew, many of them with over 20 years of selling in the industry.” was John’s, the CEO, response.

“If that is so, why such a challenge in getting more market share?” I asked.

“Well, here is an example. I was traveling with one of the guys last week for a couple of days and had to physically kick him under the table to get him to stop!” John responded.

“Really! But he’s one of your experienced guys! He really should know better, shouldn’t he?” I exclaimed.

This you have to follow up on, it just goes to show that experience does not mean competence! Read the rest of the article to get the whole story! Hope you don’t have one of these…MORE…….

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