Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Five Keys to Controlling Time

Yep, its 11pm and your still working on the stuff you brought home. The kids are in bed and so is the spouse. By the way, the spouse is not happy about this either.

This is not an isolated situation, rather it is happening more often than not to more people. With company downsizing and the need for getting more from less the pressure is on. The forty-hour week now is stretched to 50-60-70 hours. If you’re an owner, you already know about the 60 hours, but 90 plus hour weeks!

The sad thing about all this is how it affects our quality of life, family and personal esteem. When these areas of life become negative, work performance is also declining!

So how do you stop this runaway train that consumes our time!

Here are five simple, yet challenging keys that can change your life!

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