Friday, October 13, 2006

Wondering who we are and what we do?
Ask your self these questions:

  • Ever wonder why others sell and earn more than you?
    Frustrated with turn downs and unclosed sales?
    Your company tells you to sell, but there is no selling skills provided?
    Your doing ok, but the hours are killing you?
    If you could find a way to reduce your selling time and increse your closeing?
    Do you want more from your selling career?
    You work hard, but the sales just are not coming?

The answer to these questions is "Selling Skills"!

It is unbelivable how many companies hire people to sell, give them some product knowledge, invest in the benefits and hiring costs and then send them out to sell. This is with out selling skills or even some observations of other sales people.

No wonder the statistics show 80% of first year sales people leave the selling profession in the first year! They are frustrated, dejected, burned out and disapointed in thier inability to get the job done. They say it is much harder than they expected, yet all said they recived little if any "selling skills" training!

What kind of loss is this to these companies and mangers? The time to screen, hire and train a new person is not chicken feed! I always figured it was like burning a $5,000 bill everytime I hired a new salesperson!

Our answer to the new salesperson is Sales 101, check it out!

But now, what about the experianced or intermediate performer? What if an experiance person could take their performance up a notch? What would the return on investment be?

Experianced sales people have established a level of skill and ability that keeps them producing. But they are not unlike any profesional sports star that is always practicing thier skills. It is interesting that the top sports pros invest 6-7 times as much time in practice as they do in actual event time! How does that compare to most experianced sales people?

This is where Socrates really comes in! I run a verbal test in my training programs to determine the competency level of each participant in the are of Socratic Questioning. Guess what happens! That's right, 100% of experianced sales people fail to get 20 points! Most hit 3-7 points max! So is there room for improvement?

That's why we put so much effort into developing true "selling skills" in our programs. What have been the results? Experianced people:

  • Have reduced thier selling time!
    Increased thier profit margins!
    Increased thier sales volume!
    Closed on bigger and tougher sales!
    Taken market share from their competitors!
    and more!

For our answer to the more experianced sales persons performance check out
Reverse Engineered Sales.

What do others have to say about their results? Take a look!

Bottom line, if you or your company want proven skill development that takes you and your team to a new level of skill, check us out at

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