Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sales Questions According to Socrates
Applying the Four Keys of Socratic Questioning to Selling
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It’s a warm day as you cross the city square with all of the bustle and people on market day. As you go about your shopping a short ragged looking man is noted standing in the square talking to himself. This must happen quite often, as the crowd seems oblivious of him.

Later you turn to leave a shop and there he is asking you a question. He is very engaging and you find yourself drawn into the conversation which very quickly brings out how you see a current situation. Although he never really takes a position, you find yourself questioning how you see that situation. As you end your conversation and leave the square, the ideas his questions have planted are whirring around in your mind. You have just encountered the philosopher Socrates!

So who is this Greek from 450 BC and why does he have such an impact on us in the 21st century? ……more...

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