Thursday, November 02, 2006

Did you sell something today?
5 Areas that can improve sales!
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Joe had a full day with 9 appointments. He comes back to the office with his head hung low, feeling rejected. The boss asks, “Did you sell something today?”

“Not one dang thing”, retorts Joe, “The competition is killing us!”

I wonder how many salespeople and sales managers have had similar days.

A recent list of statistics on salespeople from is as follows:

  • 62% fail to earn the right to ask for a commitment!

  • 86% ask the wrong questions and miss opportunities!

  • 82% fail to differentiate themselves from competitors!

  • 99% do not set the right objectives for the sales call!

  • 95% talk too much and listen to little!

They did not supply the source of these statistics; however I suspect the vital numbers are accurate. I am constantly in conversations with business owners and their management team hearing similar concerns being expressed.

Let’s just assume the numbers are accurate. Agreeing to that; let’s take each one examining the cause, then the cure. .....More....

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