Monday, November 20, 2006

Trust, The Power Word in Sales
4 Keys to developing long term trust.

We started out on an advanced concept of dealing with resistance from customers. As we got started I could see the looks of confusion and frustration. This was not going to be easy to get through to them.

“Ok, that’s great”, says one participant, “but we will never get the time to do this. They hang up on us before that! Can you help us get them talking long enough to get to that point?”

Now I had to hide my frustration and tossed the prepared material to the side. “Ok, give me the skinny on what you’re dealing with!”

Did I get them talking then! For 10 minutes they unloaded on being unable to crack the tough customers that would not even give them the time of day. Have any of them yourself?

So here is what we did…..MORE

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