Friday, December 29, 2006

Business Culture Creation 2nd in series
Where does business culture come from? Click here for PDF

Jerry is a new hire with the BBB Company. It’s the end of his first week and he is confused. The way they function here is so different from the larger conglomerate he interned at.

There they deliberated on everything from the type of toilet paper to use to the next big customer they wanted to target. These deliberations included research, spread sheets and people defending their take on the issue.

At this newer start-up company they rarely have a sit down meeting! The lines of authority are blurry at best and decisions are made in minutes, some times with discussions that seem more like arguments.

Jerry finds himself frightened by the lack of structure yet intrigued by the fast pace and the willingness of leadership to accept mistakes.

He is experiencing two very different cultures! Neither is right or wrong, they just are!

So where does culture come from? ...more...

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