Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Change Business Culture? 3rd in series
4 Reasons to check your culture! Click here for PDF file

John has just made a major decision and finalized the purchase of the company. He had been the sales manager for several years and asked the family ownership if he could eventually buy in.

Now the whole ship is his and he has some very different objectives than the former family owners. It does not take John long to realize he needs to make some significant changes in order to meet his goals.

As we look at the former culture, the family was comfortable and had a nice profitable business was paid for. John now finds himself with a culture that will hold him back rather than move him forward. After all, he now has a large payment to make each month after buying the business.

Obviously there will be many changes in the company as John moves forward; the challenge is determining what culture he needs to create and how to create it.

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