Monday, July 27, 2009

Body Language, How is Yours

Body Language, How is Yours
The impact Body Language has on our communications

The scenario: You have an appointment with a major client. The potential need is there and the match is right for your product.

As you walk into to meet the client for the first time, you're not sure you really like or even trust this person. The conversation continues and for some reason you keep feeling something is not right. This client does not seem to be engaging with you, the trust issue is still coming back to you and the idea of the client lying or being other than forthright is on your mind.

The conversation ends with no real result; both parties seem to be cautious about proceeding.

What is happening here? What strange secret is at work that we do not understand?

The answer is Body Language, yes, some 70-80% of our communications is through Body Language, yet some 60% of Body Language is misread or misunderstood!

With so much at stake in our sales and leadership encounters how is your Body Language and what is it saying?

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind. ...MORE...

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