Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Migrating from a Product Sales Person to a Solution Sales Person

Migrating from a Product Sales Person to a Solution Sales Person
Presented by Harlan Goerger

What is the determining factor in who wins a sale? Is it price? No! Is it the product knowledge of the sales person? No! Prospects can learn product information easily enough on the web. They don't need a sales person for that.

Buyers expect sales people to formulate solutions to their problems, not push their wares. Yet, many sales people say they are solution sales people, but can only say the words. They still push product. Does this sound like you? If it does, you are probably not happy with your sales or your income. How do you change your approach, develop strong relationships with your clientele, and exponentially grow your income?

Harlan Goerger, international sales expert and author of "The Sales Gap," will teach you how do those three things. He teaches sales people how to make the change from the product pusher to the consultative, solution sales person. People buy from those they like and trust; and that's not the product pusher. Harlan helps you become the sales person from which prospects love to buy. You will leave this session being able to

Differentiate yourself from your competition using reverse engineering strategies
Create value with prospects so they only want to buy from you
Build relationship based on trust, not price
Compose questions for a powerful needs analysis discussion with your prospects

Enroll HERE: Date & Time:Wednesday, July 15, 200911:30 AM — 12:30 PMEASTERN TIME

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