Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael, Farrah, Ed and Your Sales

Michael, Farrah, Ed and Your Sales
How polarizing makes sales

The passing of Michael Jackson seem to overshadow everything and several days later the buzz is still going. How can this event overshadow so many others?

I caught an early morning news program covering both Jackson and Fawcett and their passing. The interesting thing I noted was the amount of coverage for Jackson versus Fawcett. While both were famous stars and both had provided a great deal to the entertainment business, it was a 5:1 ratio in favor of Jackson!

While Farrah was ill and her death not unexpected, Jackson's was sudden and unexpected. But is that enough to cause the massive frenzy over Jackson? By the way, Ed Macman had passed only a couple of days before and had one day with a few news spots. Was Ed not as huge a figure in the media as both Michael and Farrah?

I have a theory as to why the skewed ratio and it can make a huge difference in your sales and influence efforts. ….MORE....

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